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New Year Glamping Wellbeing Retreat - Hilltop Hideaways

Looking for New Year’s resolution ideas? Put your health and wellbeing first and experience the benefits of a glamping retreat

The dawn of a New Year – a time to blow away the cobwebs (and the Christmas hangover) and set some goals for a happier and healthier year ahead.

Here in the UK, our most popular New Year’s resolution ideas are exercising more, eating a healthier diet, learning a new skill or hobby, focusing on our wellbeing and spending more time with our friends and family.

And increasingly, people are realising that spending quality time in the great outdoors is the perfect way to tick every box – with a huge 21 million people estimated to head off on a glamping retreat in 2020!

If you’re looking for New Year’s resolution ideas that will last longer than the end of January, a wellbeing holiday could be just the ticket.

So, what are the benefits of glamping? Let us run you through our top 10:

1. Fresh Air

Whatever the weather, spending even just 30 minutes outdoors each day is proven to release happy endorphins, and an outdoor activity break is the perfect opportunity to get out there and breathe it all in.

2. Exercise

On a glamping retreat, there are no end of opportunities to exercise (probably without even noticing). The great outdoors are a natural playground, even a simple stroll through the fields makes you feel good. You can even combine glamping with us with a yoga retreat and join our weekend yoga classes, held outdoors to soak up our spectacular Hilltop view and followed by brunch.

3. Learning Something New

Whether it’s cooking on a campfire, stargazing or taking the time to learn about the flora and fauna all around us, a wellbeing holiday getting you closer to nature brings no end of opportunities to learn something new.

4. Quality Time

Whether that’s quality me-time or quality time with family or friends, take a moment to enjoy the simple things in life. Treat your glamping break as a proper wellness retreat, a place where you be away from the distractions of modern life, busy schedules and screens. A splash in the river, a game of cards, an evening chatting round the fire…

5. Natural Sleep

Research shows that those who fall into a natural sleeping pattern enjoy better quality sleep. A glamping break provides the perfect opportunity to fall asleep to the stars and rise with the sun. And just feel refreshed.

6. Natural Stress Buster

Whether it’s a babbling brook or a breeze through the trees, the sounds of nature can be deeply relaxing, as can the peace and quiet of the countryside. Being outdoors and taking the time to appreciate the beauty all around you is one of the best stress-busters out there.

7. Eat Well

Enjoying hearty and healthy food round the fire is all part of the fun of glamping. Our farm shop and café sell and serve the finest in local produce, including goodies from our own farm. You can be sure to eat well whether you want to fire up the firepit or let us do the hard work for you!

8. Health

The fresh air, the exercise, the chance to de-stress, the health benefits are endless. Time spent outdoors (even if the sun isn’t shining!) will boost your Vitamin D intake too!

9. Mental Health

It’s not just your physical health that can benefit from a glamping retreat, spending quality time outdoors and away from the pressures of our busy lives is proven to be a big boost to our mental wellbeing too. Relax, be mindful, enjoy nature – and take what you’ve learned home.

10. Weekend Away

Sometimes it’s just what you need. A break from routine, a little fresh air, proper quality time. New Year’s resolution ideas come no better!

Want to find out more about our glamping retreat?