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Ultimate Camping Checklist - Happy Campers

The Ultimate Camping Checklist, Tips & Tricks to Being a Happy Camper!

It pays to take a leaf out of the scout handbook when planning a getaway in the great outdoors – and always ‘be prepared’.

To help you on your way we present our very favourite camping life hacks, before taking you through our tried and tested camping checklist. If you’re not sure what to take camping, read on…

Ten of the Best Camping and Glamping Hacks

Whether you’re after top camping tips or top glamping tips, these neat little tricks will ensure happy campers all round.

1. Easy lantern

Strap a headtorch to a water container to create an instant lamp that will fill your tent with ambient lighting.

2. Natural bug repellent

Burn a bundle of sage on the campfire to act as a natural mosquito repellent.

3. Durable matchbox

Get a small container to keep your matches in and glue sandpaper to the top. It will last longer and be more waterproof.

4. Iron on the go

A saucepan can make a great DIY iron – heat it on the fire and get to work on any creases.

5. Portable lighting

Stick a few glowsticks in a bottle or jar and you have super easy portable lighting that will last for hours.

6. Sachet up

Collect mini sauce sachets before you go – it works for tea, coffee, sugar and salt too.

7. Easy firestarter

A few cotton pads dipped in wax makes for great firestarters. Easy to make, store and pack.

8. Waterproof your shoes

Even in good weather, it’s always a good idea to waterproof your shoes before you set off camping. Beeswax or a waterproof spray will do the job.

9. Cooler for longer

One of the simplest camping storage ideas – adding bottles of frozen water to your coolbox to keep it cooler for longer.

10. Keep cool in the tent

Use an emergency blanket to keep cool on hot nights. They are designed to keep you warm – but because of their silver coating, they’re great at reflecting the sunlight if put on top of your tent.

Camping Tips & Tricks
Your Camping Checklist – Ten Essentials to Remember

You’ve tried and tested your tent, packed spare pegs and remembered your sleeping bags and mattress. So, here are ten other absolute essentials for your camping supplies list (that you might just forget!).

1. Baby wipes

Because they clean you and just about everything else too! But please buy the biodegradable versions only.

2. Tin foil

And lots of it. You can cook practically anything on a campfire as long as you wrap it in tinfoil and there are some great camping food hacks to try too – like filling an apple with raisins or a banana with chocolate.

3. First aid kit

An essential. Buy or make your own mini-kit and pop it in your rucksack.

4. Extra layers

Even in the balmy summer you can still feel the chill in a tent overnight. Pack extra clothing or blankets just in case.

5. Torches

Something you can’t do without, especially for those night-time toilet trips. Try our glowstick and headtorch hacks out too!

6. Batteries

Pack more than you think you’ll need.

7. Portable phone charger

A battery powered or solar powered phone charger is just the job.

8. Tin & bottle openers

Lots of tins and no way into them is a situation to avoid. Same applies with a nice cold drink.

9. Washing up bowl

Even if you don’t use it to wash the pots and pans in, it’s super useful to carry your washing-up to the washing-up area.

10. Chairs and a windbreak

So you can create a comfy campsite and a bit of privacy.

All set? View our glamping accommodation and camping pitches.